How far in advance do I need to order a dumpster?

We can usually deliver a dumpster/container to any site in the Orlando/
Central Florida area next day. However, sometimes we are very busy so we
suggest setting up a delivery date 3 to 4 days in advance to ensure you will
receive the container(s) at the time you want them delivered.

Is there a right way to load a dumpster ?

Yes. Please try to load the dumpster as evenly as possible and be
sure not to overload the dumpster. There will be an additional
charge for driver delay and container dig-out. The dumpster shall
not be filled above the top of the dumpster. No items shall be
hanging over the sides or sticking out of the dumpster.
All of our containers have fill lines which cannot be exceeded. If
one of our trucks shows up for a scheduled pickup and the container
is filled past the fill line, it will not be able to be removed and you
will be charged a $75-$90 Dry Run Fee. The fill line cannot be
exceeded do to DOT laws. The Florida DOT has very expensive
fines for transporting an overloaded container and that is why we
cannot remove a container that has been filled past the fill line

What Can I Put In My Dumpster?

Your dumpster can be filled with all the construction debris,
household materials, landscaping materials, and trash that you can
fit up to the upper rim. However, our dumpsters cannot accept
hazardous materials, including paint, tires, aerosols, chemicals, and
cleaners. When you rent our dumpsters, see our list of acceptable
and not acceptable items in the last FAQ section of our website . If
you are disposing bricks, concrete, asphalt, dirt, or any other
aggregates, you cannot overfill past the dedicated fill line, and those
materials cannot be mixed with any other debris.