Does the Company Offer Flat-Rate Pricing?
Some dumpster rental companies charge by the ton, also known as variable rate pricing. That means you don’t see the final bill until sometime after they pick up your dumpster. Others offer upfront pricing in the form of flat rates, including all fees in one set price. The advantage of flat-rate pricing is that it makes it easier to budget for disposal. You can also save more money so long as you stay under the stated weight limit.

If you know exactly how much debris you have, paying by the ton may make sense for you. If not, flat-rate pricing is a clearer and potentially more affordable alternative.

Are Their Representatives Knowledgeable?
If you’ve never rented a dumpster before, the process can be confusing. You will have a lot of questions when you get started, making customer service a top priority. Pay attention to how the company’s representative responds to your questions:

Do they answer quickly and confidently?
Are they actually answering the question you asked?
Do their answers make sense?
Will they follow up with you if they can’t answer your question right away?
If not, this may indicate that the company doesn’t prioritize customer service.

How Long Can You Keep the Dumpster?
When choosing a dumpster rental company, the length of the rental period is an important factor. Rental periods can range anywhere from a few days to a week or longer. You’ll get more for your money by using a hauler that offers the longest rental period. Shorter rental periods may seem less expensive, but if you’re not sure how long your project will take you’re better off paying a little more upfront for the longer rental period.

Are You Responsible for Scheduling the Pickup?
Most dumpster rental companies require the customer to call to schedule pickup of the container. A company that’s looking out for its customers will tell you this upfront. Always ask about a company’s pickup policy to ensure you don’t pick up extra rental fees.

Are There Any Extra Fees?
There are some extra fees that may apply if certain aspects of a company’s rental terms aren’t met. These can include:

Extension Fees: If you go over your rental period.
Trip Fees: If the hauler couldn’t drop off or pick up your dumpster due to an obstruction on your property.
Overage Fees: If you exceed your dumpster’s weight limit.
Contamination Fees: If prohibited items are found in the dumpster.
An honest company will tell you upfront about any situations where extra fees may be charged. Always ask about additional fees so you don’t run into any unexpected expenses.

Is the Dumpster Company Clear About What You Can Put in the Container?
There are many regulations about what can and cannot go in a dumpster, and they vary from city to city. Hazardous materials are banned everywhere, and in some areas electronics, mattresses, tires, refrigerators and more items may also be prohibited. A reliable dumpster company should provide you with a list of commonly prohibited items.

Does the Company Offer Multiple Dumpster Sizes?
The dumpster size you need depends on the type of project you’re working on. A good dumpster company should offer multiple sizes for a variety of disposal needs. And their customer service team should be able to recommend a size based on your project and debris.

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